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Crossfire SC FAQ


How long is the travel season?
Crossfire SC teams play a 10 game schedule both in the fall and spring. Most games are played on the weekends. Teams also participate in winter indoor leagues to stay in shape and to train in between seasons. Teams play in at least one tournament a season and train year round.

What is the schedule & travel like in competitive?
Crossfire SC teams play against other competitive travel teams in the Chicagoland area. Some travel times can be up to 1 hour drive; although many are within 30 – 40 minutes. 

What is the time commitment? 
Crossfire SC teams practice at least two afternoons or evenings during the week. Most practices are held at the Northwood fields. But some coaches do find alternative field choices for practices.

What if my child plays another sport during the fall or spring season?
WUSA/Crossfire SC encourages players to participate in multiple sports. The variety of motor skills and muscle development that different sports employ are always beneficial to any young athlete. However, families must evaluate the demands of each team and playing seasons of each sport and determine which commitment level best meet their individual family situation.

Can I play part-time?
No. This practice creates disparity, player frustration, and is a halfway attempt at developing a player with complete soccer skills; and frankly holds all players back unnecessarily. Soccer is a team sport. It relies on the interaction between team mates to develop a cohesive understanding of the game, its strategies, and the overall concept of “team work”. Part-time players tend to interrupt that development and undermine the development of the team as a whole.

When are tryouts? 
Players who seek to participate in the Crossfire SC Travel Program must participate in the scheduled tryout process. Tryouts are held in early May of each year to evaluate and rank all players within each particular age group by ability. Tryouts are held at the Northwood Middle School fields. Check the WUSA/Crossfire SC website for tryout dates.

What are the costs and what do they include?
There is a range of prices depending on level.  Fees will be provided in a handout at tryouts. Fees are payable by check, credit card, and by payment plan/installments for competitive soccer. These fees are all inclusive of coaching, tournaments, indoor etc.  Uniforms are purchased by the family separately.  Please email our Director of Coaching for more information.

Is there financial assistance available?
WUSA/Crossfire SC does offer a Scholarship Assistance Program to those players that require it. An application form will need to be completed and submitted to the WUSA treasurer for approval by any applicable deadlines. The amount of assistance is contingent on the available funding.