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Safety is a priority at WUSA as we continue to develop policies, procedures, and provide education for our coaches and parents that will assure our players are provided the most safe and secure environment possible. As a participating member of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) and under the rules and regulations of US Soccer; as well as State and Federal law, WUSA is required  to have all coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, and board members to: 1) pass a background check; 2) complete the US Olympic Committee SafeSport Training every 2 years; and 3) complete the CDC Heads-up Concussion course.  WUSA is committed to being in compliance with these requirements and to every child’s safety.

Risk Management

Background Checks
Woodstock United SA (WUSA) understands and agrees to comply with the IYSA Risk Management Policy (Rule 019) and certifies that on or before September 1st of the current soccer year it will conduct a background search on every affected person (i.e. coaches, asst. coaches, trainers, club directors, administrators etc.) every two (2) years.

WUSA performs background check via the GOTSOCCER Risk Management platform. Upon notification of being accepted as a coach for the WUSA program, said coach will be given a Gotsoccer Coach Account and instructions on how to complete the risk management/background check process. All coaches are required to pass the background check before beginning any activities with their team.

Child and Sexual Abuse Prevention

Woodstock United SA (WUSA) must comply with all state and federal laws including but not limited to the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 that was passed on February 14, 2018. IYSA policy requires all members to prevent child and sexual abuse. WUSA agrees to provide reasonable sexual abuse prevention training prior to participating/interacting with minor athletes every two (2) years through reasonable resources such as the U.S Center for SafeSport or Abuse Prevention Systems, to keep a copy of their Certificates of Completion and make them available to the IYSA upon request. 

All coaches are required to complete the SAFESPORT certification training before beginning any activities with their team.

Concussion Awareness & Prevention
Woodstock United SA (WUSA) understands and agrees that every coach will have a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Completion Certificate and will adopt and use the Illinois Youth Soccer Association Concussion Notification Form. Based on the advice of the US Soccer Medical Committee, WUSA understands and agrees to abide by Illinois Youth Soccer‘s heading ban for players aged 10 and younger (U11 and younger age brackets) at all Illinois Youth Soccer.

All coaches are required to complete the CDC HEADS UP concussion training before beginning any activities with their team.

Goal Safety Policy

All goals must be securely anchored when in use. For the safety of the players and to be in compliance with the state association requirements  a physical inspection of the goals must take place before use in a game or practice.

IYSA RULE 021-A. GOAL SAFETY POLICY: Any coach who participates in practice or a game where the goals are not securely anchored shall be fined not less than $200 and suspended for a minimum of not less than one (1) calendar year from the date of the practice or game involved. In the event the goal is not securely anchored the entity (team, club, league, state) that has primary responsibility for the field or event upon which the unsecured goal is situated shall be fined $1000. Coach means the head coach, any assistant coach, trainer or any other team official present at the time of the violation. The entity against which a fine is imposed shall be in bad standing until the fine imposed is paid. Each team shall maintain in written form a record for each team practice, in which the coach, assistant coach, trainer or other responsible person shall certify that he or she has performed a physical inspection of the goals used in the practice to verify the goals were securely anchored. Each league shall require each club or individual team unaffiliated with a club to certify in writing that it has in place a program to ensure that goals it uses are adequately secured, that its goals have been and will be inspected by a member of the club or team prior to each game or practice. Each club and team shall further certify it has communicated to the parent or guardian of each player the dangers of unsecured goals and their responsibility to assure that goals are secure. Each league shall certify to the IYSA that its clubs and teams have complied with these requirements prior to their annual registration. (Revised 2/5/05)

WUSA's Movable Goal Policy