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Woodstock United Scholarship Application

offers partial financial assistance to youth soccer players in need of financial assistance in order to play on its recreational teams or competitive team, the Crossfire S.C. Requests for fee assistance are considered on a per season basis for Club Fees only. No assistance is offered for other expenses, including tournament fees and travel expenses. All decisions made shall be based solely on assessed need without regard to playing ability, race, religion, or national origin. All information provided is solely for the purpose of determining fee assistance grants and will be held in confidence by those designated by the WUSA Scholarship Committee to handle the fee assistance program.

Evaluation of Need Criteria: Eligibility is based upon a player’s acceptance into his/her school’s free or reduced lunch program as determined by the Federal Poverty Guidelines. No financial information is required other than the completed Free or Reduced Price Meals Verification Form. Parents will complete the Free or Reduced Price Meals Verification Form and submit it to their child’s school. The school will indicate the player’s free or reduced price meal status and mail the form to the WUSA Tuition Assistance Committee.

Application Process for Financial Aid: The parent must download and complete the Financial Aid Application and submit the form by mail to the WUSA Tuition Assistance Committee. In addition, those applying for financial aid must also complete the Free or Reduced Meals Verification Form and submit it to the player’s school for completion by school officials. The school will indicate the player’s free or reduced price meal status and mail the form to the WUSA Tuition Assistance Committee.

WUSA recognizes that unforeseen circumstances may occur which can impact a family’s ability to pay. Therefore if you do not meet the requirements of the Free or Reduced meals, you may call our office to be considered for financial aid. A financial aid committee exists to review individual cases, should the need arise. You may be asked to provide documentation relating to the financial aid request and may be required to meet with the financial committee to determine eligibility. Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Notice About Unpaid Fees: No application will be considered if the player has unpaid fees from a prior season, or has outstanding fees to another youth soccer club. If necessary, WUSA will work with any player/family to assure fees can be paid through a fee payment plan at the start of any season, or at the time of registration as deemed appropriate by the committee.

Failure to pay fees may result in withholding of player cards and coaches being instructed to not allow the athlete to participate. All fees must be paid in full before consideration for fee assistance for the following season. If WUSA learns that any player has outstanding fees to another youth soccer club, WUSA reserves the right to reject any fee assistance application until it is established that all outstanding fees to other clubs have been paid.

NOTIFICATION: Upon review of the financial aid application, the Tuition Assistance Committee will document its decision and notify the parent by mail or email. If financial aid is granted, the Treasurer or Registrar will track implementation of the decision in the registration system to insure the player is fully registered and any agreed upon payments are made.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A player is not completely registered until any application for financial aid or payment plan is approved. Applying for financial aid does not guarantee that aid will be granted in part or in full.

Mail completed application forms to:
Tuition Assistance Committee
Woodstock United Soccer Association
P.O. Box 1731
Woodstock, IL 60098

Please provide all requested information. Incomplete applications may be returned and may be given no consideration for the current season.

If there are other factors that you believe the WOODSTOCK UNITED SOCCER ASSOCIATION Tuition Assistance Committee should take into consideration in determining the level of scholarship award, please explain them on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the signed application form.

Do to the complexity and tracking of fee assistance / scholarships, it is the policy of WOODSTOCK UNITED SOCCER to only accept Debit/Credit Cards, as forms of payment to be eligible for a payment plan. If approved for financial assistance, I understand that I will be required to provide my Credit / Debit card information to the WUSA Billing / Registration officers and that I will be responsible for the terms set forth in the approval notice when my application is approved by the WOODSTOCK UNITED SOCCER ASSOCIATION Tuition Assistance Committee.

•  Completed and Signed Application
•  Copy of District 200’s Free or Reduced Lunch Program Approval Letter
•  Attached sheet of any relevant information you want to provide